Sectra’s medical education portal to be used in Italian simulation center to enhance educational experiences

Sep 14, 2023 | Medical Systems | Italy

Linköping, Sweden—September 14, 2023—International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra (STO: SECT B) has signed a contract with a simulation center in Italy—SIMNOVA. They will integrate Sectra's medical education platform, the Sectra Education Portal, into their simulation training program, which recreates the clinical process from start to finish. Practicing in simulated clinical environments will ultimately improve learning experiences for healthcare students by providing them the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills in a safe environment. 

The Interdepartmental Center for Innovative Teaching and Simulation in Medicine and Health Professions (SIMNOVA) is a specialized simulation training center dedicated to medicine, located in Piedmont, Italy. By replicating the various stages of hospital care processes through simulation training, SIMNOVA allows students, specialists, doctors and other healthcare professionals to carry out advanced training within a safe and risk-free environment. 

Francesca Boccafoschi, professor at SIMNOVA says: "We are thrilled to collaborate with Sectra in utilizing their education portal in our medical simulation training across our campuses. Our mission is to improve patient care and reduce clinical risks through the use of simulation in the training, and Sectra's technology will allow us to study real-life clinical images. This greatly complements the simulation experience making our students even more prepared for the professional environments to come. Moreover, the possibility to log in from multiple devices gives us the opportunity to use the solution at different campuses simultaneously."

The contract for the Sectra Education Portal was signed in August 2023, and it will enhance the simulation of a real-life clinical setting for entry-level students, postgraduates, and clinicians. SIMNOVA will be the first Sectra customer in the world to use the web-based portal from an immersive room for simulation, introducing a completely new level of interaction with clinical cases. The portal provides advanced visualization tools as well as a multidisciplinary library of real anatomy and clinical cases, allowing users to study cases that mimic real-life experiences in diagnosing, planning treatment, and monitoring a wide range of medical conditions. In addition, the cloud-based portal gives users on-demand access to the educational content from their own devices, facilitating self-directed learning. Moreover, it is easily scalable for use by many users across faculties.

“Simulation training is an excellent tool in preparing the students for real-life situations. With the portal’s visualization tools and library of real clinical cases, combined with SIMNOVA’s simulation environments, the students will be able to educate themselves and safely practice through real-life scenarios. We look forward to contributing to these students’ education by offering solutions that facilitate advanced learning, in turn paving the way for improved patient care in the future,” adds Johan Carlegrim, President of Sectra’s business unit Medical Education.

The Sectra Education Portal is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service solution that provides visualization tools and content at the university, at home or at the hospital. The portal is used by over 60 countries worldwide and includes a large number of anonymized medical cases and images that have been collected in collaboration with Sectra’s customers. It comprises anatomy, histopathology, radiology, trauma, orthopedics, oncology, surgery and other specialties. It also allows the import of own material, which facilitates tailor-made lessons. 

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