Birmingham, UK
Stand #C90

EHI Live 2017

At EHI Live we will showcase our view of patient-centered cancer care and demonstrate how we support healthcare providers improving care for patients. Our medical imaging IT solutions enable improved clinical workflow efficiency in image intense departments, gives all members of the care team a coherent patient overview and supports efficient cross-enterprise sharing.

Sectra highlights at EHI Live 2017

The digitisation of pathology is an enabler and a prerequisite for increased collaboration across specialties. The Sectra PACS supports both radiology and pathology, among other imaging departments, allowing for the creation of a consolidated and complete patient overview. This enables resource sharing, cooperation and integrated diagnostics for a cost effective, high-quality healthcare and transparent cancer care pathway. This transparency allows for correlation of findings and provides a broader view of patient disease for physicians to conclude more accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.

The Sectra PACS includes functionality for preparing and presenting all imaging at multidisciplinary team meetings. This enables pathologists and radiologists to add images to the same worklist during the actual review work. Preparations performed during the review would then be available for the meeting, streamlining the workflow. During the presentation, radiologists and pathologists can use the same system to show images, key findings and administrate follow-up tasks.

Sectra’s offering within cross-enterprise features products and services that facilitate cooperation between hospitals on a point-to-point, regional or even national scale. The solutions enable efficient sharing and collaboration of both workload and competencies, thus facilitating more efficient use of resources, reducing lead times and improving diagnostic quality.

For healthcare providers, IEP enables secure exchange of medical information. In fact, IEP is not only a network for the exchange of radiology images, but can also be used to exchange various types of imaging information, including for instance pathology images. The information can be exchanged between anyone, including providers, referring physicians, medico legal and even the patients themselves. For the patients, this can lead to shorter waiting times and, by having access to their own information, also improved engagement and involvement in their own care.

Sectra offers solutions for capturing, storing and accessing virtually all images, video, audio and documents. Sectra VNA allows you to consolidate image handling, while ensuring clinical workflow efficiency, growth management and business continuity.

Sectra PACS is designed for a high production environment with stability and usability in focus. Highlights include functions to speed up oncology workflows such as anatomical linking and support for reviewing complex multiparametric MRI studies such as MRI Breast, Female Pelvis and Prostate.

Sectra PACS with world-leading functionality for breast imaging workflows also featuring advanced visualisation tools and functions supporting improved reading efficiency.

Selection of solutions on display