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Thanks for your RSNA meeting request
Thank you for booking a demo with us at RSNA—we look forward to seeing you in Chicago. A Sectra representative will contact you shortly to confirm your meeting request. While we process your request...
ECR market report 2019—the top trends you should know about
ECR has closed its doors for this year. Once again, I am amazed by the enthusiasm among the attendees and vendors when it comes to bringing new innovations to improve healthcare. As many of us have EC...
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Security in RFPs in healthcare IT
Buying new software systems for your healthcare enterprise is a precarious endeavor. On the one hand, replacing an old system that is holding you back or purchasing new functionality that will increas...
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Industry reflections | Digital pathology | Enterprise imaging
Industry reflections | Enterprise imaging | Breast imaging | Cardiology imaging | Digital pathology | Enterprise platform | Medical education | Radiology imaging
Industry reflections | Radiology imaging | Breast imaging | Cardiology imaging | Digital pathology | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise platform
Machine learning in radiology—reflections and predictions
Leading up to RSNA 2017, we published a report discussing our findings from talking to radiologists about where they see an added value of machine learning (ML) in their daily work. With RSNA in the r...
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Five-site breast-care center EWBC packs a punch in the fight against breast cancer
The past several years have seen the development of a de facto stealth campaign against screening mammography. “Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value of Mammograms,” the New York Times bullhorned in 20...
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Where radiologists see the added value of machine learning
AI and machine learning are set to disrupt the practice of radiology. How and to what extent, we do not yet fully know. However, rather than stop training radiologists and start replacing them as a fe...
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How well does Sectra PACS play with other vendors' products?
When X-Ray Associates of New Mexico went live with a new RIS in mid-April, Vice President and COO Sagit Frasier was anxious, but optimistic. The moment had been years in the making. The practice’s o...
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PACS & EMR integration: Carilion Clinic improves speed, connectivity and access
It was early 2015 when the team at Carilion Clinic decided they had outgrown their PACS and needed to replace their decade-old system. Software lockups were all too common, and they needed to amp up t...
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Structured reports save time and add value for doctors and patients
Anna has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and sits, hopeful and concerned, next to her physician. Dr. Sara Karlsson picks up a tablet and accesses Anna’s most recent radiology report in...
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Patient pathways and better outcomes: The future of radiology
In ancient Roman times, all roads led to Rome. From one monument in central Rome, all roads began and distances were measured. Today, the patient is at the center of care—with success measured in we...
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Integrating breast tomo into the women’s imaging service line
Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) was approved in the US for use as a supplement to traditional mammography following FDA review of two studies in which radiologists showed a 7% improvement in the ab...
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Breaking the trend of increased radiation exposure to patients through dose monitoring
This white paper raises the issue of the increase in  patient exposure to radiation doses in diagnostic medical imaging over the last three decades. The aim is to inform about the problem and highlig...
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