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Sectra PACS image-enables EMR at Hospital de Cascais
This is a tale of making care better. Better for patients, better for the caregivers providing it, and better for a healthcare system morphing and migrating to thrive as a high-performing public-priva...
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The first NHS PACS in the cloud – faster, safer reporting at Guy’s and St Thomas’
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust became the first trust in England to use a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) in the cloud in 2017. The Sectra PACS is taking pressure away...
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On-time and efficient implementation of Sectra PACS at UPHS
The University of Pennsylvania Health System serves patients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the surrounding region through a network of six hospitals and ten multispecialty centers. Producing more t...
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At UC San Diego Health, breast imaging PACS speaks ‘volumes’
When UC San Diego Health introduced its expanded Comprehensive Breast Health Center in the spring of 2018, Haydee Ojeda-Fournier, MD, medical director of breast imaging, got right to the point for the...
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An enterprise PACS for a wide range of users at HSS
Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City is the oldest and one of the most renowned orthopaedic hospitals in the US. With one main campus in Manhattan and several regional sites, everybody...
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Eye on Canada: 3 views on PACS priorities
With PACS as with any healthcare-specific technology, some universal expectations are common to all end-users and their IT support teams. Yet there are also as many unique sets of preferences as there...
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"Why do I need a pathology PACS?" — Revisited three years later
Three years ago, I wrote the article “Why do I need a pathology PACS”, which was surprisingly widely discussed among early adopters of digital pathology. The reason I wrote the article was to info...
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National PACS User Meeting 2019
The National PACS User meeting 2019 will be held next September at the Midland Hotel, Manchester!
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VNAbling PACS unites cardiology and radiology to the benefit of many
Having been in the Sectra PACS fold since 2004, members of the radiology department at six-hospital CoxHealth in Springfield, Mo., didn’t need much convincing to “VNAble” their existing system s...
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Dutch university for radiographers uses Sectra PACS
In 2017, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (UAS) implemented Sectra RIS and PACS to enable its Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy program (MIRT) to better mimic the clinical workflows...
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Penn Medicine reduces IT complexity with enterprise-wide PACS
The University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) serves patients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the surrounding region through a network of five hospitals and ten multispecialty centers. When rep...
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A PACS replacement solution that integrates all aspects of patient care
City of Hope National Medical Center, located in southern California, is a major cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute. Its focus is academic and research, but also treatment of pa...
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Why Sectra Breast Imaging PACS?
Specializing in breast imaging PACS for almost 20 years, Sectra has an installed base that includes some of the world’s largest and most prominent breast imaging centers. In this video, four of Sect...
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Sectra PACS is "Best in KLAS"
Sectra PACS has again been awarded ‘Best in KLAS’ for highest customer satisfaction. It is the fifth consecutive year for the title in the US and the fourth continuous global title.
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A tele­mammography dynamo rides new PACS from the deep south to boundless frontiers
Eight years ago, Women’s Imaging Associates in Birmingham, Ala., was a small, well-respected mammography practice serving six OB/GYN offices in its area. Today, having embraced a 100% telemedicine m...
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You don’t have to deconstruct your PACS, just make it deconstructable
Medical imaging tenders today revolve heavily around a few components that are mentioned in almost every procurement process. These are: Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), image viewer and workflow/worklis...
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Värmland County expands its PACS to secure multimedia solution
Värmland County Council has been using Sectra PACS as a VNA for sharing and archiving medical multimedia since May 2014. The solution allows secure, cost-effective and centralized storage, as well as...
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ProMedica finds an enterprise VNA is far more than just an expanded PACS
At ProMedica, a 13-hospital system serving northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan, the lineup of clinical departments soon to benefit from leadership’s decision to expand a long-installed radio...
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Patient-centered radiology—a new era in PACS for the NHS
Patient care on the south coast of England is being significantly enhanced by a new picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Clinicians and radiologists are seamlessly sharing and accessing...
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How well does Sectra PACS play with other vendors' products?
When X-Ray Associates of New Mexico went live with a new RIS in mid-April, Vice President and COO Sagit Frasier was anxious, but optimistic. The moment had been years in the making. The practice’s o...
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PACS & EMR integration: Carilion Clinic improves speed, connectivity and access
It was early 2015 when the team at Carilion Clinic decided they had outgrown their PACS and needed to replace their decade-old system. Software lockups were all too common, and they needed to amp up t...
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RUHS springboards from PACS upgrade to EMR collaboration
Nearly two decades ago, the PACS race was on in Southern California’s Inland Empire. The main event pitted the regional medical center, 439-bed Riverside County Regional Medical Center, against the...
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Enterprise PACS packs the punch when it doubles as a VNA too
There is no doubt that vendor neutral archives (VNAs) have gained favor over the last several years in managing medical images. But there is some debate over whether hospitals really need both a VNA a...
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PACS facts: Constructed and deconstructed explained
It can be safely said that the healthcare services is in a state of flux like never before. Reform initiatives driving the mandate to create interoperability are not in any way exempting medical imagi...
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Lessons learned: The benefits of a scalable breast imaging PACS
Analyzing today’s breast imaging centers, we see the need to introduce new technology and consolidate existing IT systems. However, looking back at the digitization journey of some of the first mamm...
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The elevator pitch on "Why do I need a pathology PACS?"
In the past year, I have attended a number of pathology shows to discuss digital pathology in general and Sectra’s solution in particular. A very common question is: “Why do I need a PACS and not...
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Sectra upgrades and migrates UH's PACS with no server downtime
Just after midnight on January 26, doctors and technicians at University Hospitals of Cleveland (UH), in Ohio, noticed two small changes in their PACS: a previously blue icon was suddenly green, and t...
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Breast tomosynthesis and the PACS: The journey to sustainable workflow
The emergence of a new, powerful imaging modality is cause for both celebration and consternation, and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) has proven no exception to this rule, according to participant...
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A PACS pact
When four competitive health care providers decide to share a PACS, trust is as much a concern as technology.
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Emerging breast imaging technologies put new demands on RIS/PACS
Mammography screening programs have significantly reduced the mortality rate of breast cancer. However, screening programs still contain scope for improvement since all cancers are not detected. There...
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Key considerations when replacing your RIS/PACS
Few will dispute that implementing a first-time RIS/PACS makes great business and clinical sense, but how about replacing a RIS/PACS? On the “income side”, it’s pretty straightforward. Not all s...
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How to keep Murphy away from your PACS
Murphy’s law is often stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Even if your PACS is well-designed and implemented, you still have to consider such risks as human error, fire, flood...
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Key considerations when choosing a breast imaging PACS supplier
“Change is good, but be prepared,” says Dr. Stamatia Destounis at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care in Rochester, New York. She bases this piece of advice on the knowledge she gained when the clinic mad...
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PACS will democratize digital imaging
In the UK, a national initiative designated NHS Connecting for Health (CFH) came into operation in 2005. The purpose was to support the UK National Health Service (NHS) in delivering better, safer car...
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ECR 2019
We welcome you to visit Sectra in booth #D11 at the European Congress of Radiology 2019, where we will showcase our enterprise imaging offering for radiology with Sectra VNA and our Best-in-KLAS award...
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What sets Sectra apart from other vendors?
Sectra strives to build relationships with our users and we always attempt to go the extra mile, so our customers can focus on what is most important — patient care. In this video, Sectra customers...
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Höstens webinarserie hos Sectra Sverige
Under hösten inleder vi en kostnadsfri webinarserie med olika teman. Vi vänder oss till dig som är nyfiken på eller vill fördjupa dig inom våra lösningar. Varje webinar har ett tydligt tema dä...
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The workspace of the future: making breast imaging work 'flow'
PACS is powering better workflow in breast imaging, transforming the way breast imaging radiologists read studies and interact with one another by improving physician efficiency, accuracy and saving t...
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Leaders in Diagnostics 2018
We welcome you to join Sectra at Leaders in Diagnostics 2018, an exclusive, free to attend event for qualifying NHS diagnostic managers and NHS diagnostic medical consultants. For more information ab...
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RSNA 2018
We welcome you to visit Sectra in booth #6113 at RSNA 2018, where we will showcase our enterprise imaging offering with Sectra VNA and our Best-in-KLAS awarded PACS at its core.
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Time to rethink prostate cancer diagnostics?
Many of us know, or have known, someone with prostate cancer. Today, prostate cancer is seen as a chronic disease and it is common that surgery is not performed in cancers categorized as harmless, mai...
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Mobile access to images improves care of acute stroke patients
In early 2017, all physicians on call for emergency stroke cases at Skåne University Hospital (SUS) were given mobile access to radiology images and patient information through Sectra UniView and iPa...
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A call for connected diagnostics
Digitization – it’s a hot topic across pathology, especially as conversations about artificial intelligence and computer-assisted diagnosis add to the fire. But what does it actually mean to patho...
Industry reflections | Digital pathology
Rethinking image sharing: Cleveland trailblazers link 20+ hospitals and provider sites
Cleveland is yet again blazing new ground in healthcare. This time, myriad health systems are actively collaborating to share images. A first for the U.S., we believe. University Hospitals Health Syst...
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Machine learning in radiology—reflections and predictions
Leading up to RSNA 2017, we published a report discussing our findings from talking to radiologists about where they see an added value of machine learning (ML) in their daily work. With RSNA in the r...
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Five-site breast-care center EWBC packs a punch in the fight against breast cancer
The past several years have seen the development of a de facto stealth campaign against screening mammography. “Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value of Mammograms,” the New York Times bullhorned in 20...
Case | Breast imaging
How strategy, growth and Sectra VNA made Hartford HealthCare’s ImageConnect Project happen
Hartford HealthCare is Connecticut’s most comprehensive healthcare network. Over the last several years, this community and academic health system has grown significantly through its strategic affil...
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Breast imaging pioneer UCSF creating new standards in reading efficiency and workflow
University of California San Francisco Medical Center has a long history of setting the standards in breast imaging and breast cancer care. Now it’s also setting the standard when it comes to readin...
Case | Breast imaging
Comprehensive breast imaging at University Hospitals
University Hospitals (UH), in Northeast Ohio, serves the needs of patients through an integrated network of 18 hospitals, 15 counties, and more than 40 outpatient locations. UH is using Sectra’s Bre...
Case | Breast imaging
What differentiates Sectra from other vendors?
Sectra has a high customer-retention rate and several #1 rankings in independent customer satisfaction surveys. But what sets Sectra apart from other imaging IT vendors, according to the customers? In...
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Memorial Hospital: Zeroing in on the right zero footprint viewer
Delivering key images, reports and patient data to the point of diagnosis and care is the Holy Grail of radiology and many other specialties today. Having the correct information for the patient at th...
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Product | Orthopaedics
Partnering with Sectra
Sectra has a number of different partnerships, including distribution partners, research partners, and clinical solution partners. Sectra’s Clinical Solution Network, Sectra CSN, is a network of...
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Conformance statements
The Conformance Statements below describe which standards that Sectra products comply with. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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A shared image archive offers major advantages for healthcare providers and patients
Within Stockholm County Council (SLL), Sweden’s capital region, there are 2,000 healthcare providers—ranging from hospitals and district care centers to specialist clinics and private dentists. To...
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Efficient image handling across department borders
Although medical images are used in numerous medical specialities, they are often not stored and distributed in a way that is efficient for the healthcare enterprise. For Sörmland County Council, thi...
Case | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise platform | Radiology imaging
Major academic medical system advances image management with Sectra Enterprise Imaging
University Hospitals in Cleveland made do for years with separate PACS for radiology, cardiology and other image-intensive clinical departments. Now the 18-hospital, 15-county, 40-clinic integrated he...
Case | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise platform | Radiology imaging
Benefiting from a region-wide medical imaging IT solution
For more than 10 years, all the hospitals in Region Skåne have been using Sectra RIS and in 2008, the region started its transition to Sectra PACS, when the University Hospitals in Malmö and Lund de...
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Two NHS trusts take 'giant leap' in connecting diagnostics across hospitals
Two NHS trusts in the North West of England have taken the lead in breaking down barriers between diagnostic departments and frontline clinical staff, in a move that healthcare professionals say is ch...
Case | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise platform
New technology improves anatomy training at Linköping University
Linköping University has ordered the Sectra Table and will be first in the world to apply this innovation in medical education. All seven under-graduate programs at Linköping Faculty of Health Scien...
Case | Medical education
Radiologists slash report turnaround time by 50%
Pioneering speech recognition in Landstinget Västmanland, Sweden, has significantly reduced lead times in radiology. Just six months after integrating Nuance’s SpeechMagic technology into their Sec...
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A modern pan-European healthcare service provider backed by Sectra
Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) is an international diagnostic group with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. TMC was established in 2002 to meet the increasing demand for medical expertise in many European r...
Case | Radiology imaging
Vessel analysis increases precision in stenosis grading with maintained workflow efficiency
By implementing Sectra Vessel Analysis to support the treatment of stroke patients, radiologists at Skåne University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, provide clinicians with an exact grade of stenosis for e...
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NM Fusion improves workflow efficiency in cancer diagnostics
Advanced image fusion techniques such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT are on the rise. One important reason is their ability to increase precision in cancer diagnostics and treatment follow-up. However, these...
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Orthopedic hospital with production and quality of care in focus
Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi is a private hospital in Milan dedicated to orthopedic procedures. They perform approximately 100,000 examinations and 15,000 surgeries annually. As a production-oriented...
Case | Orthopaedics
More time for the patients
Around 700 of the orthopaedic procedures carried out annually at the Marienhospital in Aachen are joint reconstruction operations, which require careful pre-operative planning.
Case | Orthopaedics
Well-prepared before surgery with Sectra's orthopaedic solution
The University of Rostock was founded in 1419 and is the oldest university in Northern Europe. The history of the orthopaedic section at the university hospital dates from 1898. The orthopaedic clinic...
Case | Orthopaedics
Region-wide dose monitoring increases patient safety
Since 2008, Region Skåne in southern Sweden, has been using Sectra DoseTrack as a regional quality system for radiation doses to collate, store and analyze radiation-dose data from more than two mill...
Case | Radiology imaging
Finnish university hospital reaps the benefits of integrated diagnostics
Finland is a big country, but its population density is very low. So is the availability of pathologists; today, there are only 150 consultant pathologists in the country to cover the needs of the 5.5...
Case | Digital pathology
Dutch pathology department among the first in the world to review histology cases for primary diagnostics digitally
In 2016, pathologists at University Hospital Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) in the Netherlands became among the first in the world to review histology cases for primary diagnostics digitally. The completely pa...
Case | Digital pathology
Insights from pathology digitization at Linköping University Hospital
Since 2012, Linköping University Hospital has been at the forefront of medical imaging and part of a large Swedish innovation project tasked with exploring the potential digitization of pathology. Th...
Case | Digital pathology
The benefits of country-wide radiology
In September 2008, one of the largest RIS/PACS projects in the world started up with the signing of a ten year contract between the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Northern...
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Sharing imaging across the NHS in Bristol
Healthcare professionals in Bristol are gaining immediate access to imaging held across trusts after extending their use of the Image Exchange Portal with IEP Connect and Share. University Hospitals B...
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Increased efficiency at Danderyd Mammography Unit
Danderyd University Hospital is a specialist hospital, including accident and emergency (A&E), and serves a catchment area of around 440,000 inhabitants in northern Stockholm, Sweden. The Mammogra...
Case | Breast imaging
A totally digital national breast screening service
BreastCheck, the national breast screening program in Ireland, provide free mammograms to women aged 50–69 through a network of four static units and 16 mobile units covering more than 30 locations...
Case | Breast imaging
John Muir Health exchanges images with neighboring providers
The imaging division at John Muir Health in California’s Contra Costa County has been supplying topnotch image-handling capabilities to end users located across the system’s sprawling family tree&...
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National network for image exchange connects more than 400 UK sites
Today over 400 institutions are connected to Sectra’s Image Exchange Portal in the UK. All NHS Acute Trusts in England are connected, as well as all acute hospitals in Wales and a number of trusts i...
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Europe’s first purpose built breast cancer prevention center
The Nightingale Centre in Manchester, United Kingdom, is Europe’s first purpose-built center for breast cancer prevention. Services provided by the center include symptomatic and screening mammograp...
Case | Breast imaging
Increased reading efficiency at Helsingborg University Hospital
Since 2002, the breast unit at Helsingborg University Hospital, Region Skåne, has been performing fully digitized screening and symptomatic mammography using Sectra’s complete mammography solution,...
Case | Breast imaging | Radiology imaging
A high-volume mammography screening center
Since 2006, the mammography operation at Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) has been performing fully digitized screening and symptomatic mammography. Each year, more than 60,000 women...
Case | Breast imaging
Integrating diagnostics: not a takeover but fundamental to better care
The time for diagnoses based on incomplete datasets is at an end; we must connect the ‘ologies’ with all of medicine, writes Dr. Brendan Devlin, a practising radiologist and Senior Clinical Adviso...
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A UK-wide cloud for diagnostics could leapfrog digital maturity
Pressure to improve sustainability and reduce isolation in healthcare has renewed the hunger for a different approach to IT. Installing software in individual organizations, and then managing it local...
Industry reflections | Enterprise imaging
Regional healthcare initiatives in the UK: an opportunity for silo-busting and integrated diagnostics
Health authorities in the UK are developing regional initiatives to make significant improvement to health and care. The needs look beyond departmental and organizational boundaries, focusing on the n...
Industry reflections | Enterprise imaging
A short term strategy to reap the long term benefits of deep learning and integrated diagnostics
In recent years, tighter collaboration, or even a merger, between radiology and pathology has been frequently discussed within medical imaging. This shift from the departmental/silo approach to an inc...
Industry reflections | Digital pathology
Breaking down silos: Delivering true clinical value from a VNA
The vendor neutral archive offers one of the best opportunities to join together imaging and other valuable data from across diagnostic modalities, to the entire hospital and beyond. How can we ensure...
Industry reflections | Enterprise imaging
The road to making peer review an added value—not an added burden
Most radiology departments currently use some form of formalized peer review and those that do not will soon as a result of upcoming legislation. However, many radiologists claim that previous attempt...
Articles | Radiology imaging
What intelligence can hospitals gain from diagnostics?
Radiology could represent a far more important part of a hospital’s business intelligence. Sectra’s Chris Scarisbrick explores a goldmine that hospitals must look to unearth.
Industry reflections | Enterprise imaging | Radiology imaging
Digitizing pathology? Don't create another silo
Pathology departments play a key role in cancer care, but are currently under enormous pressure and face great challenges. Over the past decade, pathology departments have not only been subject to inc...
Articles | Digital pathology | Enterprise imaging
How to build a business case to justify the investment in digital pathology
Many pathology departments stand on the threshold of adopting digital pathology. The creation of an appealing business case for digital pathology is necessary to justify the acquisition of the new har...
White papers | Digital pathology
Introduction to the DICOM standard for digital pathology and its importance for workflow efficiency
Digital pathology is proving to provide large benefits for healthcare providers, but growing adoption is now presenting these early adopters with new challenges. The ability of slide scanners to commu...
White papers | Digital pathology
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Redefining technologies in the quest for patient centricity
Departmental technologies like PACS are changing and breaking free of their traditional roles, being redefined to respond to patient needs across the entire hospital, writes former NHS radiographer, C...
Industry reflections | Enterprise imaging
Pathology goes digital—what can we learn from radiology's journey? 5 tips from UK radiologists
Pathology is embarking on a similar digitization journey as radiology has experienced. Despite some obvious differences in how the transition to digital images will occur, it is obvious that questions...
Articles | Digital pathology
Streamline multi­disciplinary team meetings using a joint radiology and pathology platform
Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings, or tumor boards, are a cornerstone of cancer care, and the practice of holding such meetings is increasing greatly. Several recent studies [1][2][3] clearly demo...
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Structured reports save time and add value for doctors and patients
Anna has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and sits, hopeful and concerned, next to her physician. Dr. Sara Karlsson picks up a tablet and accesses Anna’s most recent radiology report in...
Articles | Breast imaging | Radiology imaging
Patient-centered care: Building the connected healthcare enterprise
Clinical studies have long proven that patient-centered care reduces variability, improves quality in clinical practice and patient outcomes and reduces cost. This is the shared goal of healthcare’s...
Articles | Enterprise imaging | Radiology imaging
Digital pathology—a disruptive innovation on the tipping point of adoption
In 1997, Clayton Christensen published his master piece, The Innovator’s Dilemma, describing how successful companies focus too much on customers’ current needs, and fail to adopt new technology t...
Industry reflections | Digital pathology
Supporting digital full-scale primary diagnostics in pathology
Pathology, a labor-intense and historically heavily analogue discipline, is now undergoing digitization. Departments are investing in scanners for the digitization of images and pathologists are adapt...
Articles | Digital pathology
Can the NHS manage without a RIS?
Has the radiology information system had its day as a standalone technology? Sectra managing director Jane Rendall asks if the NHS might absorb RIS functionality into other systems, as it seeks to dri...
Industry reflections | Radiology imaging
3-D tomosynthesis adds to the arsenal of breast cancer screening tools
Last summer brought something of a media moment for mammography in the U.S. The spotlight shone on the star—3-D imaging for breast-cancer screening—after the Journal of the American Medical Associ...
Articles | Breast imaging
Patient pathways and better outcomes: The future of radiology
In ancient Roman times, all roads led to Rome. From one monument in central Rome, all roads began and distances were measured. Today, the patient is at the center of care—with success measured in we...
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Image handling across department borders—"The clinical gains have been obvious"
Current trends in healthcare call for an image handling strategy for all medical disciplines. Although medical images are used in numerous medical specialties, they are often not stored and distribute...
Articles | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise platform
Key role for radiology in future healthcare
Looking back, changes within radiology have largely been driven by technology changes. The digital era and new modalities are but two obvious examples. But looking ahead, we see economics and costs as...
Articles | Radiology imaging
Customer-driven development engaging users worldwide
In Sectra UserInfluence, Sectra users worldwide come together to discuss product development options with each other and with the developers that are responsible for programming the actual features.
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Leverage ACR's dose index registry by utilizing a dose monitoring solution
The radical increase in patient exposure to radiation from medical imaging over the last two decades has created great concerns about its inherent risks. Today, one of the highest priorities on many h...
Articles | Radiology imaging
How radiology can improve communication with referring physicians
Radiology lies at the very center of the healthcare chain. Most patients pass through an imaging department at one point or another in their treatment. That said, an organizations overall effectivenes...
White papers | Radiology imaging
Northwest ImageShare: Linking images, clinicians & care
Northwest ImageShare is breaking new ground—as well as answering the call for greater availability of health information via health exchanges from National Coordinator for Health Information Technol...
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The utilization of a dose management solution to lower radiation doses in medical imaging
This paper discusses why radiation exposure in medical imaging is such a hot topic, how a dose management solution can help healthcare organizations to lower dose levels and the important features of...
White papers | Radiology imaging
Integrating breast tomo into the women’s imaging service line
Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) was approved in the US for use as a supplement to traditional mammography following FDA review of two studies in which radiologists showed a 7% improvement in the ab...
Industry reflections | Breast imaging
What referring physicians demand from radiology
Radiology lies at the very center of the healthcare chain. Most patients pass through an imaging department at one point or another in their treatment. That said, an organization’s overall effective...
White papers | Radiology imaging
Healthcare IT integration best practices
Integration within the healthcare IT environment has been called “many orders of magnitude more complex” than other commonly recognized integrated vertical environments such as Finance and Banking...
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Setting up efficient breast imaging reading workflow
Efficiency is the keyword in breast imaging workflow. Efficient workflow that results in rapid report turnaround times and improved quality of care is important for the patient and the imaging provide...
Articles | Breast imaging
Five tips: How can radiology utilize data mining to increase quality of care
Many hospitals find themselves dealing with heavy internal pressure for increased efficiency, as well as tougher government demands on financial and quality reports. Many hospitals are also experienci...
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New ideas for interaction
Higher efficiency means more value for money, but it is also connected to increased job satisfaction. Every time we simplify an unnecessarily complicated and drawn-out task, we reduce frustration. Aft...
Industry reflections | Radiology imaging
Virtual organizations: key to optimizing service to referring physicians
“A key success factor for a profit-oriented organization is to be on top of the referring physician’s list,” says Hans Olav Almaas, CEO of Norwegian company Curato, one of the Nordic region’s...
Articles | Radiology imaging
Consequences of the data explosion
The data explosion involves two major issues. One is the limitations of the hardware and network components. Enhancements in the performance of the IT infrastructure is by far outpaced by the rapid in...
Industry reflections | Radiology imaging
The future life cycle of image data
The steadily increasing size of image stacks is generally agreed to be one of the most important issues of the future for radiology. The development is, of course, driven by the desire to improve diag...
Industry reflections | Radiology imaging