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ECR market report 2019—the top trends you should know about
ECR has closed its doors for this year. Once again, I am amazed by the enthusiasm among the attendees and vendors when it comes to bringing new innovations to improve healthcare. As many of us have EC...
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Thanks for your ECR meeting request
Thank you for booking a meeting with us at ECR—we look forward to seeing you in Vienna. A Sectra representative will contact you shortly to confirm your meeting request. While we process your reques...
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NHS diagnostics must embrace unprecedented openness if AI is to work
NHS IT vendors can no longer ignore technology they didn’t invent, and trusts need to integrate imaging far beyond the radiology department, if AI is to play its big role in diagnosing illnesses.
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The first NHS PACS in the cloud – faster, safer reporting at Guy’s and St Thomas’
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust became the first trust in England to use a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) in the cloud in 2017. The Sectra PACS is taking pressure away...
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"Why do I need a pathology PACS?" — Revisited three years later
Three years ago, I wrote the article “Why do I need a pathology PACS”, which was surprisingly widely discussed among early adopters of digital pathology. The reason I wrote the article was to info...
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Telepathology an effective solution for a large Danish hospital
A Dutchman who reviews the skin samples of Danish patients while on holiday in Spain. This scenario is made possible thanks to a digital pathology solution from Sectra. “Without telepathology, I’d...
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Dutch university for radiographers uses Sectra PACS
In 2017, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (UAS) implemented Sectra RIS and PACS to enable its Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy program (MIRT) to better mimic the clinical workflows...
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Machine learning in radiology—reflections and predictions
Leading up to RSNA 2017, we published a report discussing our findings from talking to radiologists about where they see an added value of machine learning (ML) in their daily work. With RSNA in the r...
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Five-site breast-care center EWBC packs a punch in the fight against breast cancer
The past several years have seen the development of a de facto stealth campaign against screening mammography. “Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value of Mammograms,” the New York Times bullhorned in 20...
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Introducing AI and ML applications in healthcare—from the algorithm development sandbox to the clinical wilderness
Aspects to consider when introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in healthcare.
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A tele­mammography dynamo rides new PACS from the deep south to boundless frontiers
Eight years ago, Women’s Imaging Associates in Birmingham, Ala., was a small, well-respected mammography practice serving six OB/GYN offices in its area. Today, having embraced a 100% telemedicine m...
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Radiologists slash report turnaround time by 50%
Pioneering speech recognition in Landstinget Västmanland, Sweden, has significantly reduced lead times in radiology. Just six months after integrating Nuance’s SpeechMagic technology into their Sec...
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Finnish university hospital reaps the benefits of integrated diagnostics
Finland is a big country, but its population density is very low. So is the availability of pathologists; today, there are only 150 consultant pathologists in the country to cover the needs of the 5.5...
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Insights from pathology digitization at Linköping University Hospital
Since 2012, Linköping University Hospital has been at the forefront of medical imaging and part of a large Swedish innovation project tasked with exploring the potential digitization of pathology. Th...
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Digital pathology brings only advantages at Gävle Hospital
More efficient multidisciplinary team meetings, a greater opportunity to consult specialists at other hospitals, and a promising potential to allocate the workload during peaks. These are some of the...
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Sharing imaging across the NHS in Bristol
Healthcare professionals in Bristol are gaining immediate access to imaging held across trusts after extending their use of the Image Exchange Portal with IEP Connect and Share. University Hospitals B...
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Increased efficiency at Danderyd Mammography Unit
Danderyd University Hospital is a specialist hospital, including accident and emergency (A&E), and serves a catchment area of around 440,000 inhabitants in northern Stockholm, Sweden. The Mammogra...
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John Muir Health exchanges images with neighboring providers
The imaging division at John Muir Health in California’s Contra Costa County has been supplying topnotch image-handling capabilities to end users located across the system’s sprawling family tree&...
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Increased reading efficiency at Helsingborg University Hospital
Since 2002, the breast unit at Helsingborg University Hospital, Region Skåne, has been performing fully digitized screening and symptomatic mammography using Sectra’s complete mammography solution,...
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Integrating diagnostics: not a takeover but fundamental to better care
The time for diagnoses based on incomplete datasets is at an end; we must connect the ‘ologies’ with all of medicine, writes Dr. Brendan Devlin, a practising radiologist and Senior Clinical Adviso...
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Regional healthcare initiatives in the UK: an opportunity for silo-busting and integrated diagnostics
Health authorities in the UK are developing regional initiatives to make significant improvement to health and care. The needs look beyond departmental and organizational boundaries, focusing on the n...
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The road to making peer review an added value—not an added burden
Most radiology departments currently use some form of formalized peer review and those that do not will soon as a result of upcoming legislation. However, many radiologists claim that previous attempt...
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Digitizing pathology? Don't create another silo
Pathology departments play a key role in cancer care, but are currently under enormous pressure and face great challenges. Over the past decade, pathology departments have not only been subject to inc...
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Looking for an easier way to build business case for digital pathology? Focus on sharing
Although most pathology departments have not yet made the transition to digital, many are actively evaluating the business case. Why?
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PACS facts: Constructed and deconstructed explained
It can be safely said that the healthcare services is in a state of flux like never before. Reform initiatives driving the mandate to create interoperability are not in any way exempting medical imagi...
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Where and how digitization affects the pathology workflow
Until recently, using a conventional light microscope has been standard practice for examining histopathology slides. However, the use of digital pathology is on the rise and many pathology labs are n...
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How to build a business case to justify the investment in digital pathology
Many pathology departments stand on the threshold of adopting digital pathology. The creation of an appealing business case for digital pathology is necessary to justify the acquisition of the new har...
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Streamline multi­disciplinary team meetings using a joint radiology and pathology platform
Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings, or tumor boards, are a cornerstone of cancer care, and the practice of holding such meetings is increasing greatly. Several recent studies [1][2][3] clearly demo...
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How radiology can improve communication with referring physicians
Radiology lies at the very center of the healthcare chain. Most patients pass through an imaging department at one point or another in their treatment. That said, an organizations overall effectivenes...
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Integrating breast tomo into the women’s imaging service line
Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) was approved in the US for use as a supplement to traditional mammography following FDA review of two studies in which radiologists showed a 7% improvement in the ab...
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A PACS pact
When four competitive health care providers decide to share a PACS, trust is as much a concern as technology.
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What referring physicians demand from radiology
Radiology lies at the very center of the healthcare chain. Most patients pass through an imaging department at one point or another in their treatment. That said, an organization’s overall effective...
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Setting up efficient breast imaging reading workflow
Efficiency is the keyword in breast imaging workflow. Efficient workflow that results in rapid report turnaround times and improved quality of care is important for the patient and the imaging provide...
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Virtual organizations: key to optimizing service to referring physicians
“A key success factor for a profit-oriented organization is to be on top of the referring physician’s list,” says Hans Olav Almaas, CEO of Norwegian company Curato, one of the Nordic region’s...
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